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We are excited to share our views, insights and opinions on this sublime WordPress hosting website. We believe that the engagement with everyone that visits our website would be a wholesome one. At Pinkerbee, we make it our mission to understand our client’s vision and create unique, new and innovative solutions to support your business needs, improve performance, security, efficiency and profitability.



In this website, you can find the most complete tool for prevention, detection for your wordpress website. We specialize in networking security technique. It is easy to get the most of this package or have access to all your nagging questions when you become a member.

SmartCrawl Pro


In the light of meeting the realities in today’s world, we constantly look for ways to feel the pulse of our visitors. We know that everything we do must resonate with you in order for us to be a success. We are shaped by your thoughts, aspirations and desires. As we continue on this journey, we believe that the future holds great possibilities for us.



Did you know there are over 90k attacks on WordPress websites every minute? We can protect your site and fight off nasty bots and hackers with our advanced security tools.

Snapshot Pro


Backups give you peace of mind against losing all your data. We will regularly backup your website, saving you time and money in the rare event your site succumbs to an attack or server failure.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We strive to provide the highest quality custom services with timely delivery and cost effective solutions and adhere to the highest standards of practice.

“The team at Pinkerbee have been working on my websites for over 10 years. In that time I have had several re-inventions and every time they have hit the nail on the head.

I feel as though they really understand me and my business, and the “personality” of my business. I find them supportive, responsive and insightful.”

Jessica Jones

CEO, The Stationery Boutique

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Pinkerbee is able to assists businesses of all sizes and of any industry by working intrinsically with our clients to create a blueprint for custom technological solutions that are suited your business type.